Dating a married muslim man

They are allowed to buy jewelry, however, since that is the traditional Arab woman's source of wealth.

Patty's husband 'borrowed' all her money, and would not repay anything.

(She was a successful European businesswoman.) Her husband refused to have their daughter's birth registered, so the child , having no passport, could not be taken out of the country.

Patty became a strong Christian, and says, "Jesus helped me take this man to court for beating me, and the judge made him stop." (Patty also has a black belt in some form of Judo, and the husband knows she can defend herself.

So he stopped beating her.) But he refused her money for food, and the child's schooling, and wouldn't show up at home for days at a time.

The family put such pressure on Patty that she withdrew her demand for a divorce.

I don't understand why these men need someone to blame and mistreat, but it seems they don't really want to lose their wives.Although, Sally's husband (also, a Spanish-American), put a knife to her stomach and told her, "Get out of my life.I don't want you,." he knows she will not abandon her three daughters, something these children fear greatly.As I listen, at coffee gatherings, to these women talk, all of them fear more for their daughters than for their sons.Kristen, (British) married 18 years, kept her marriage somewhat stable, though difficult, until her daughter reached puberty.

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