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And just two hours before, she was telling me how he really 'wasn't all that great.' This is enough for me to swear off dating, even when I feel like I haven't really started. He looked at her like she was a drunken hook-up, almost trying to place her face in his memory. But they went on a second date, this one exponentially better than the first, even with the image of him with another girl in the back of her mind -- a girl who turned out to be a fellow exchange student.I saw her happy, coming out of this one, and I was happy for her.When we face the reality of relationships -- that we will love many people and not many will love us back--it becomes easy to jump into the pond of fish and to pick indiscriminately.

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Feed us, talk to us, and make us laugh for two hours, and maybe we'll jerk you off for fifteen minutes.He went back home to Ireland three days later, leaving her hungry for more and even more frustrated that she couldn't get the level of attention she so desperately craved.Besides companionship, I too may have just wanted instant gratification of knowing the exact number of people who found me attractive in my immediate area, as if my attractiveness could be measured in numbers.She was obsessed with his Irish-ness, and in love with his accent, but the date (and the kissing) was so lackluster she wasn't sure if she wanted to see him again."I'd be pissed though, if he didn't ask me out again," she added.

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