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For those that do date online you get internet points if you recognise any of the following and double points if you recognise yourself. Profile picture is generally a picture of them and all their mates on the lash, making it near impossible to figure out which baby faced drunkard you’re “talking” to. Obviously first because its typed communication you really can’t consider it talking and secondly because the language used is generally impossible to decipher.

If it was text speak I would find it a minor irritation but ultimately I would get over it, writing it off as a time efficient method of communicating.

Not to mention the significant possibility that she may not be out of the closet yet. Closet Cases: I totally get it being out isn’t easy.

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He didn’t listen to a word I said, he didn’t pay me a single compliment, he didn’t ask me any questions about me or my life, he didn’t give me a chance to try and hold a normal relaxed conversation. ” He asked at the end of the longest evening of my life. “no.” I said, before he launched into yet another story about someone I’ve never met. At least he was intelligent and wanting to share his interests with me. The first time girl experience: I’m happy for you that you have discovered your sexuality and are comfortable enough to explore it.I’m really sorry though I’m not the girl to explore it with.Usually the toy boy is looking for no commitment or relationship of any kind.I have no issue with hook ups power to you if you enjoy them and get something from them but I’m afraid its not for me.

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