G6lite not updating saves

It's rather simple: Then, just copy Nitro Tracker and some XMs and/or WAVs to your card.

Check out the download section for some great sources of music and samples.

When saving to a corrupt filesystem you may loose your work! We all like retro sound, so we use this nice LSDJ sample pack from the freesound project kindly provided by starpause. Now select the second sample bank and the sample starting with "3049" and tap "load" again.

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To record a sample, select an empty instrument on the right, then go to the sample tab and tap the microphone button.

When you first see the user interface, you might think "What the schnitzel? " But don't worry: There are not really that many controls and you can learn how to handle them quite fast.

But let's first start off really simple by just loading a song.

Since their names are not very descriptive, you might want to rename them.

To do this, press the "ren" button under the instrument list and enter the new name with the typewriter that appears.

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