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It has also been characterized by a defensive posture to its inherited philosophy of cultural appropriation, rejecting the origins in resistance to oppression and exploitation, by denying any connection to the global Hip-Hop Culture movement. was led by Chris Cooper who originally rapped as Super C (short for Super Chris / Super Christian) and later became Sup the Chemist and then finally Soup the Chemist.Christian hip hop music emerged from urban communities in the United States in the 1980s, when it existed almost exclusively in small underground scenes, with minimal formal industry promotion and little mainstream attention. Christian emcee Danny "D-Boy" Rodriguez was another well-known early Gospel rap artist, but was murdered in 1990 in Texas.In Australia, a multi-denominational group of Christian hip hop artists, led by Mistery from Brethren, have started a hip hop church, Krosswerdz.Rap Fest is an all-day, outdoor, evangelistic outreach concert which takes place every summer.Members included Apacalypse, Optixs, Blackseed, Lord Metatron, Righteous Knight, Kaoticgal (who later was known as Keturah Ariel), O. Many would agree that grime music originated in London's black community and is predominately described as a secular genre.Although British, grime music has a strong Jamaican influence as many of the artists are of British-Caribbean heritage.Kirk Franklin joined with the 1 Nation Crew in the album Kirk Franklin Presents 1NC.In September 2009, the Higherground Record Pool (HGRP) and One Accord DJ Alliance (OADA) held their first Gospel DJ Conference at the Crowne Plaza, Queens, NY.

The first commercially released and distributed Gospel hip hop record was by Queens, New York MC Pete Harrison, under the recording name 'Mc Sweet', The Gospel Beat: Jesus-Christ (1982), written and arranged by Harrison and produced by Mac Sulliver on Lection Records of Poly Gram. In the late 1980s, other crews emerged, including dc Talk, E. Freedom of Soul (MC Peace, DJ Cartoon) followed with their second album, The Second Coming (Caught in a Land of Time was their first), also their last album as a group.

It emphasizes the use of positive and uplifting messages to promote faith and belief. ETW was led by producer/artist Mike Hill who went on to pastor one of the largest inner city youth groups in the country out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Prior to his death, he helped launch the career of his sister, Genie Rodriguez-Lopez, known as MC Gee Gee - one of the first female Christian rap artists, by collaborating on her first album I'm for Real.

Christian hip hop music, blending rhythmic music and faith-based lyrics, first emerged on record in 1982 with a track entitled "Jesus Christ (The Gospel Beat)" by Queens, New York artist Mc Sweet. She would go on to release a second album in 1991, titled And Now the Mission Continues. (Disciples of Christ) who emerged from Oklahoma as well as the Gospel Gangstaz from Compton and South Central Los Angeles.

2011 marked the 18th year for this event held annually in NY South Bronx area.

Flavor Fest Urban Leadership Conference is held yearly at Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida, founded by Pastor Tommy Kyllonen, lead pastor of Crossover Church of Tampa.

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