Validating fellatio as a legitimate artform

Getting into student loan debt of any size over classes like "Introduction To Digital Photography" and "Contemporary Topics In Hip Hop Culture" is just stupid. Now that college men are being targeted for anti-rape crusades like this, you can add a potential life-ruining event into your expensive vacation - some extra charges may apply. Once upon a time, in the glorious days of our patriarchal ancestors, the economy was such that a college degree was a virtual guarantee of employment and entry into the professional world. Today your "college experience" is going to look less like Animal House and more like some sad, desperate Indy art house flick that couldn't get an audience at Sundance.

When you're 30 and poverty stricken, perhaps it will suddenly become useful, but going to any kind of serious university (say, Belle Knox's prestigious institution) and spending enough to buy half a house every year for four years is insanity - particularly if you have no idea what you want to do. In addition to crippling debt, student poverty, and a murky future at best, you can add the specter of a campus show trial and the ruination of your reputation, just because that girl who had totally consensual sex with you last night has a boyfriend, and she feels guilty about what she did with you. Whatever privileges accrued because of your collegiate status are gone, now. So you can attract a Good Wife and give them Grandchildren, while you make them proud with your career as a ____________ (anything but an Art Historian).

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A majority of female students on campus is exactly what feminism wants, so making that a "problem" isn't a good career move for a college administrator.You can start by refusing to rubber-stamp the "conventional wisdom" about a lot of our key issues by simply stating your opinion in short, controlled bursts. I'm not going to try to re-hash misinterpreted and poorly gathered statistics on the subject here. I am going to criticize the really, really crappy marketing this here Movement has come up with. Consent is essential to the exercise of good sexual practice.Your refusal to participate in the madness is, in and of itself, a statement. I'm comfortable with that.""Any reasonable man considers his relationships with women fungible. Using threats and celebrity endorsements and blanket male shaming, it takes a decidedly misandrist approach to the subject. But I've seen too many times just how prevalent the on-campus call of rape is. gown laws, all seek to make men more vulnerable to false rape accusations on campus.The purpose of this is not to convince or convert any SJWs - gods forbid, they're our best recruiting tool!- but to be seen engaging in dialog with said SJW with amused others who are less convinced of the shrill righteousness of their cause. You, too, can be a subversive Red Knight in your life, particularly on your travels during the holidays, quietly perfecting your own approach to TRP while also subtly lending your voice and (most importantly) your actions to relentlessly (but quietly) fighting this battle underground. left on campus.""Oh, yeah, that's just what a man wants to come home to: an aging, bitter executive with a freezer full of eggs and a predisposition toward divorce. Use it sparingly, with amused mastery, and best against those outside of your immediate social circle. When one of the world's most suddenly-famous porn stars, Belle Knox, scribed a post against campus rape for Huffington Post last year in which she stated how only 2% of rape claims are ever false, the irony was amusing.

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